This is an example of a poorly optimised website.

Actually we should say this is a deliberate example of a badly optimised website.

What do we mean exactly by that?

Well we have done everything you shouldn't do and have made no effort to do anything positive at all to try and improve our search engine rankings.

This site has had no search engine optimisation (optimization for our US friends) at all.

Clearly with a domain called www.poorlyoptimisedwebsite.com and its American equivalent of www.poorlyoptimizedwebsite.com, we do have the keywords "poorly optimised (optimized) website" in our URLs.

But other than this point, we have undertaken no SEO at all, and have not tried to optimise this website in any way shape or form.

OK, so why does this site exist and how the hell did I end up here if it's so badly optimised?

And what’s the point of having a badly optimised site?

Well, the first is research. It will be very interesting to see how a site with absolutely no positive indicators ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing; and how quickly.

Secondly, we have a set of beautiful search engine optimisation tools and we needed a really badly optimised site to show off all the possible SEO mistakes and considerations Analytics SEO can eliminate. This website is our demo site as it is full of common and not so common website optimisation mistakes.

Thirdly, we thought it would be fun to do a quiz to see if you can spot all the SEO mistakes and pitfalls this site has fallen into.

Take the SEO Quiz – How many Website Design & SEO Errors have you spotted?

Lastly, if you need advice on how to optimise or redesign your website then do take a look at the web design advice and guidance on www.websiteredevelopment.com.

If you need SEO advice and tools to do your own SEO then do visit www.analyticsseo.com. You will see a demonstration of a comprehensive suite of SEO Tools that integrate with Google Analytics to help you identify and avoid common website pitfalls and mistakes. Click the demo, and you can see how Analytics SEO has highlighted all the remedial tasks that need to be done to correct the SEO errors in this site.

You can also follow our SEO research and random thoughts on twitter/analyticsseo